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My approach to yoga is focused on proper alignment and progressive sequencing to enable you to deepen your practice while reducing risk of injury. 

My interest in yoga goes back to the 8th grade, though it wasn't until I lived in Chicago that I discovered the variety of practices available. I tried many styles and found that the approach I now follow suited my body best - leaving me feeling stronger, more open, and more stable. 

As a clinical massage therapist for many years, I've treated a number of people who were injured either starting a new exercise program (including yoga) or exercising for a long time with improper body mechanics (like any other repetitive use injury).

I enjoy working individually and in small groups and where I can incorporate therapeutic yoga assessment and adaptive techniques to assist you to get the most out of your practice and movement through life.

Whether you are a beginner of any age or an experienced yogi, we all have patterns that affect our level of performance. Recognizing and correcting yours can enable you to move beyond current limitations to a whole new level. 

I am registered with Yoga Alliance as a RYT.

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